Sometimes Asked Questions  (SAQ)

        All bonds start out at 10% of the set bail.  So if the bail is $5000 then the Premium (what you have to pay) is $500 .  However...
Sometimes, it's more. Expect to pay more than ten percent if there are Failures to Appear on the case (s).

                    "...well that's not right, it's only supposed to be 10 percent" -  When the defendant demonstrates wilful failure to appear by not going to court, Our risk is higher and for that we charge a higher premium (just like regular insurance agents do).  But keep in mind that it's only charged if we determine that the FTA is deliberate. Not every Failure to Appear is automatically considered deliberate.  In any case, if we agree to post the bond, the premium either 10 percent, or if there are Failures to Appear, our premium is more reasonable compared to the other agencies.

            You don't get it back. Once the defendant is released, there is no "getting the money back".  The premium is never refundable at all. That's the difference between posting "cash" or posting a "surety" bond.  If you want all the money back, you have to pay the jail the WHOLE bail bond in advance (ex- the whole $5000) In doing so you are posting a "Cash" bond and the bondsman is not needed.  When you hire a bondsman, he will post a "Surety" bond for the release of the defendant and you don't have to pay the whole set bond amount to the jail. You pay a "bond premium" to the bail bondsman which is always less than the full bail bond amount by far.  Your money also does not get tied into fines, or Court Costs, Restitution, or other court ordered monetary sanctions levied against the defendant. When you post a "Cash" bond, you get back the money but all those things are subtracted from your refund.             What is Collateral?            Sometimes Asked Questions           Responsibilities of being a co-signer